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Enjoy access to therapies such as

General Dentistry

The basis of a healthy smile starts with a thorough exam. Then cleaning, diagnostic X-rays and screenings for oral cancer will keep your mouth disease-free.

Oral Surgery

We can place surgical implants and extract teeth, including wisdom teeth, right here in our office. Sedation is available.

Endodontic Therapy

Root canal therapy is an effective way to manage severely infected teeth, preventing unwanted tooth loss.

Periodontal Treatments

Soft tissue therapy, bone grafting and gum disease treatments can help combat periodontitis and preserve the supporting structures that protect your teeth and dental implants.

Restorative Dentistry

We can repair your decaying or damaged teeth with durable fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges or dentures, and we can replace missing teeth with implant-supported prosthetics.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance the beauty of your smile through personalized aesthetic veneers, tooth contouring, cosmetic bonding or teeth whitening. We’re also an Invisalign® certified provider!


As an Invisalign® certified provider, we know that straight teeth are essential for you to feel good about your smile. Talk with us about Invisalign and say goodbye to crooked or misaligned teeth.


Conscious oral sedation is a safe and effective way to help you relax during your next procedure.

Paediatric Dentistry

We love kids! Book an exam for your child or sessions for cleaning or applying a sealant with us to save your family’s valuable time.

Protective Mouthguards

From sports and sleep apnea appliances to guards that alleviate clenching, grinding or temporomandibular disorder, our customized oral splints can safeguard your teeth and jaw muscles.

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