Children’s Dentistry in Niagara


Proper dental hygiene is an essential part of a daily routine, and so it is vital that parents begin to establish good dental habits early in their child’s life.
This starts with the cleaning of a baby’s mouth even before the teeth erupt by gently wiping away any buildup from the gums with a special finger brush and semi-warm water. As the baby teeth begin to ease through the gums, using a soft brush will help to keep bacteria at bay. The brush will easily reach all sides of the generally widely spaced teeth.


Further protection can be provided by a dental sealant. Then, when your child is old enough so that there is no risk of them swallowing the toothpaste, you can begin to use a paste with fluoride. As your child’s teeth start to fill out and the gaps between them close, use floss to remove any plaque from between the teeth. In this way, you can begin to establish a healthy pattern of dental care and a positive attitude toward dentistry in general.


Making Visits Pleasant

Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental welcomes the opportunity to work with you to ensure your child has bright and healthy teeth. We encourage you to bring your children along with you to enjoy our child-friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, we would like to help you make sure that your child’s mouth is carefully looked after so that each time your child visits, they can boast a cavity-free smile. We understand that early impressions are important, so if a filling is necessary, our friendly staff will work hard to make sure the experience is a pleasant one.

Promotion healthy teeth

In addition to regular fluoride treatments, we also offer protective sealants and mouth guards, which not only protect your child's teeth from microscopic risks but from large ones as well. A trip to the dentist is too often accompanied with anxiety in a child’s mind. Let us help turn this around and make dental care feel as positive as it looks.

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