Custom Mouth Guards in Niagara


A sports guard or mouthguard is a rubber insert that fits over your teeth and acts as a buffer between your teeth and both the soft tissue in your mouth and the forceful impacts that you may encounter in sport. Wearing a mouthguard during sporting activities is perhaps one of the easiest ways to protect your teeth from unnecessary risk.

Having a customized sports guard will ensure a comfortable fit, which means:
● You can speak.● You can breathe easily● The guard will remain firmly in place and not move around in your mouth during action.

A good sports guard will also be durable, flexible, tear-resistant, easy to clean, odourless, tasteless and not retain the taste or odour of any cleaner.

What Does Getting a Mouthguard Involve?

Having a mouthguard made is simply a matter of visiting us at our office and having a mould or impression of your teeth taken. The mouthguard is fabricated using the mould to match your teeth exactly, giving you a customized fit. The material used for a custom-made protective guard can vary depending on your specific needs, for instance, some allergies may prevent the use of acrylics. Dr. Clark can adjust the design or materials of the sports guard to make it suitable for a specific sport.

Wearing a guard will not only protect your teeth but will shield your cheeks, lips and tongue as well. It will also reduce the transference of shock from a blow to the chin or mouth to the rest of the head. While currently a mouthguard is mandatory in only a few sports leagues, such as hockey and football, many other sports—wrestling, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, karate, volleyball and basketball, to name a few—can pose a considerable threat to your mouth and teeth.

Protect your smile

Having protective mouth gear, such as a good and comfortable sports guard, makes it both easy and convenient to protect your smile. If you have braces, crowns, implants, veneers, partial dentures, bridges or other dental work, it is especially important that you get effective protection when engaging in sporting activities.

Contact Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental or talk to Dr. Clark on your next visit to find out how we can help to ensure the safety of your mouth. An ounce of prevention can save you a ton of dental reconstruction.