COVID-19 Dental Practice Safety

We've implemented extra safety measures and protocols to protect your health when you visit Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Patient Protocols

To help ensure your health and safety, be sure to follow our patient protocols for your dental appointment.

Wait in Car

Call our office upon arrival, and wait in your car until a member of our staff calls you in to the office.

Wear a Mask

Put on your own mask before entering the office. 

Do Not Wear Gloves

Do not wear your own gloves into the office. 

Use Hand Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer when you enter the office.

Only Patients

Only patients who have scheduled appointments are permitted in the office.

Answer Questions

We will ask you COVID-19 screening questions when you enter the office.

Temperature Reading

We will measure your temperature using a non-contact thermometre upon entering the office.

No Waiting Room

Note that our regular waiting room is currently not accessible to patients.

Corona Viruses - 25 - 64 - Expanded - Stroke 2 - 2020

Social Distancing

Maintain 6 feet (2 metres) of distance from other patients at all times.

Time for Disinfection

Extra time is needed for enhanced disinfection between patients.

Reschedule if Needed

Reschedule if anyone in your home has been sick within the last 2 weeks.

COVID-19 Screening By Phone 24 Hours Before Your Appointment

All patients must undergo Covid screening by phone 24 hours before scheduled appointments at Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental.

COVID-19 Air Purification Measures to Protect Your Health & Safety

We've installed medical-grade air purification systems in every operatory. These filtration units continually purify the air, killing airborne contaminants, and viruses, including the novel coronavirus — all part of keeping you healthy and safe while we take care of your smile.

Breathe Medical-grade Clean Air

Aeris and Surgically Clean Air filters help to sterilize the air in our clinic. Zinc mineral and silver ion filters remove bio-aerosols, odours, gasses, disinfectants, particulates, molds, fungi, bacteria, and kills viruses from aerosols (including the coronavirus).

99.995% of Viruses Eliminated

To ensure your safety at our clinic, the 0.1μm H-14 HEPA air filters we're using eliminate 99.995% of airborne pollutants — including the novel coronavirus — which can spread disease and endanger sensitive lungs. 

Air Filtered 30 Times Per Hour

The air in our dental clinic is thoroughly filtered 30 to 35 times per hour, helping to ensure it's contaminant-free all day long. Rest assured that you can breathe safely while we care for your oral health.

Your health, safety, and comfort are our top priorities at Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental

COVID-19 Patient Screening

All patients must undergo Covid screening by phone 24 hours before scheduled dental appointments.