Dental Sealants in Niagara


Young brushers may experience some difficulty reaching those more troublesome spots behind their teeth and in the back of their mouths. All teeth have little pits and fissures on their chewing surfaces, rough spots that are difficult to get at with a toothbrush. In children, these spots are often more of a problem because they are smaller and so much harder to scrub effectively.

This difficulty in cleaning is often brought to light when children visit the family dentist, who may find that bacteria have taken up residence and caused numerous cavities. To help prevent this from happening, dentists have two powerful tools at their disposal.

One is fluoride; regular fluoride treatment is extremely helpful in preventing decay. To get further protection, however, you need something that can prevent bacteria from accessing those pits and fissures. To do this, dentists use sealants.

What is a Sealant?

A dental sealant is a bio-friendly coating that is applied soon after your child’s teeth erupt. It acts as a barrier between cavity-causing bacteria and your child's healthy teeth. The sealant is either white or clear, so it looks natural, blending in with your child’s teeth. Furthermore, it can last for years, so once the sealant has been applied, it just needs to be inspected occasionally for wear and touched up, if necessary, during your regular visits to our office.

Texturing the teeth

Adding a sealant begins with the application of a mild acidic solution, which makes the surface of the teeth slightly rougher, giving the sealant a good surface to bond to. This prolongs the life of the sealant, ensuring longer protection for your child.


Dr. Clark then carefully applies the sealant, covering the surfaces of the selected teeth with a thin layer of protectant. The sealant is hardened or cured with strong concentrated light, like that used to cure white fillings.

And that's it!

While a sealant gives excellent protection from cavities, regular fluoride treatments are still recommended for maintaining healthy and bright young teeth.If you are concerned that your child’s teeth may be at risk, talk to us at Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental to find out how we can help you to keep them at their best.