Dental Fillings in Niagara

If your teeth have been chipped or attacked by the bacteria that cause dental decay or cavities, then your dentist can restore their function and appearance by inserting fillings. After assessing the condition of your teeth, gums, and the bones which support the teeth, Dr. Clark will address any teeth that require filling.


The Preparation Process

First, Dr. Clark will prepare the site:● Any parts of a tooth damaged by decay will be carefully removed.● Any enamel that has been structurally compromised will also be removed from the tooth.● Sharp snags or edges will be cut away to prevent both discomfort and any interference with the bonding of the filling material.

The Filling Procedure

Next, Dr. Clark will fill the prepared site.

Amalgam Fillings

Teeth are occasionally restored with the use of Amalgam restorations. In specific areas of the mouth and depending on the extent of tooth decay, amalgam fillings can offer more effective treatment and a better prognosis than composite fillings. They are selectively used and have stood the test of time.
The amalgam is gently pressed into the opening that has been prepared by your dentist, Dr. Clark. It is then skillfully shaped to give it a natural feel and to make sure it fits comfortably. Because the silver colour is not aesthetically pleasing, amalgam fillings are generally used in the back of the mouth where they are not noticeable. If you think it is important that the filling is invisible, then white fillings are typically used instead.

White Fillings

White fillings, or dental composites, are made from tooth-coloured resins, which ensure that the fillings are very discrete. 
First, a bonding agent will be applied to the surface of the prepared site, which ensures that there is a strong bond between the filling and the tooth. The resin will be applied in thin layers, which are hardened by a special light so that the finished filling is completely solid. Dr. Clark will then shape the final layer so that it looks and feels natural. Next, he will polish the filling, giving it a smooth finish. Because white fillings bond to the actual tooth itself, they require very little of the tooth to be removed during preparation, so the integrity of your tooth’s structure is maintained.

Smile again

Once the damage done to your teeth has been repaired, you can get back to feeling and eating like yourself.Contact Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental today to book an appointment!