Tooth Recontouring in Niagara

We provide expert tooth recontouring treatments to patients across Niagara, including St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Niagara Falls.


Recontouring is also referred to as tooth reshaping or dental sculpting. It is one of the few instant cosmetic dental procedures available from a dental office. Dental reshaping or recontouring is perfect for quickly repairing chipped teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that overlap one another, and uneven or irregular teeth.
Another advantage of recontouring is that it can give you a more comfortable bite, which can relieve jaw muscles that are stressed due to improper alignment. These procedures can usually be completed in one session, or they can be performed gradually during several shorter sessions to slowly phase in the changes to your mouth’s appearance. Not only is the process fast, but it can be one of the most conservative ways to achieve the smile you desire.
The procedure at Niagara-on-the-Lake Dental essentially involves the moulding or remoulding of your teeth by Dr. Clark, who uses shaping instruments to round out or square off angles, straighten edges and even out dental lines. Recontouring can be combined with dental bonding, in which a composite resin is used to fill out a tooth or teeth, helping you to achieve a more appealing and natural smile.

What to Expect

As cosmetic dentistry goes, this procedure is very quick and painless.

Investigation and Site Preparation

First, it is essential that the structural integrity of your teeth is protected. For this reason, Dr. Clark will take X-rays of your teeth to identify the amount of support each tooth has. Based on his expertise as a cosmetic dentist and his extensive experience in dentistry, he can determine exactly how much of a tooth can be safely removed during the shaping process. Then, Dr. Clark will use a pencil to mark out how your teeth will be shaped, which acts as the guideline during the sculpting process.


After being properly marked out, Dr. Clark will skillfully trim away or minimize imperfections in your teeth using either a laser or a sanding drill. Anaesthetic is not usually needed. Once any problematic enamel has been removed from the front and bottom of your teeth, the sides of your teeth are shaped by slipping strips of a coarse material between them and working the strips back and forth.


Having achieved the desired shape, Dr. Clark will then polish your teeth, giving them the shine essential to a beautiful smile. If you have decided to combine bonding with contouring, the bonding will be done prior to the final shaping and polishing of your teeth.

Your best smile starts here

Once the process has been completed, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a beautifully balanced smile.
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